Most of us have heard the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” True, while they don’t harm me there are some words and phrases that can send me to the brink. I am looking for any brain activity which does not include the words ‘election’ or ‘Coronavirus’, so though my list is long I will only list my Top 5.

Fair warning…this is a personal list and as a reader you are not required to agree though I’d bet you have a few of your own.

5. irregardless – OK, in my world this isn’t even a word at all though some publications beg to differ. Using the word ‘regardless’ will suffice. “Regardless of the consequences, the driver topped speeds of 100 mph.” See…it works!

4. Sorry, not sorry – It would seem that for many being edgy is everything and this seems to be the edgy way to allow yourself to say and do anything to anyone, simply considering yourself a truth teller instead of a rude SOB. If you feel the need to apologize (sorry) for what you said, or not (not sorry) maybe you need to keep your mouth closed and stop being a rude SOB. #sorrynotsorry

3. fixin’s – no one who has ever made my acquaintance would use the word “cutesy” to describe me and I think the term fixin’s is just too cute for me. Things are explained as having ‘all the fixin’s’, but as fixin’s can be anything it just isn’t possible to have all of them, is it? There can always be more and let’s face it, since we are not all Aunt Bee is this really an appropriate term?

2. diva – this takes sorry, not sorry to ridiculous extremes. Not only do you want to say or do anything to anyone, AT NO TIME are you sorry. You are an entitled, rude human that delights in making it as difficult to get along with and be around you as you can. Then you give your bad behavior a name to suggest you occupy a pedestal the rest of us don’t…or can’t. Nice try, but call yourself a diva and I will see you for what you are.

And the winner is…1. triggered – this is the most overused, exaggerated buzzword of today. While there is an actual meaning relating to PTSD, anxiety and some mental disorders it is now is used everywhere by everyone. Go to any news service and see headlines like; “How The Whistleblower Triggered Impeachment”, “…Crash Triggered By Insect Bite”, “911 call Triggered Search”. Substitute ’caused’ for triggered and you have the same story but it is not nearly as dramatic and we are nothing right now if not dramatic. If you don’t believe me, I refer you to my earlier comments regarding the terms election and Coronavirus.

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