A recent conversation with a friend got me thinking about blogging.  What gives any of us the idea that what we think or how we feel about things is of interest to anyone but ourselves?

Of course, the beauty of most blogs is that one must go to them, they rarely come to you and if the subject is of no interest to you as a reader you can immediately opt out of the read.  But as a matter of course do most of us want to read about the writer’s recent trip to Rock and Jump with her two toddlers, or the latest road rage incident on the last foray to Trader Joe’s?  I suppose if you are in a Mommy and Me group there would be an appeal but where I’m going with this is that I want to read a blog that is interesting or thought-provoking or funny or all of the afore-mentioned and is of interest to more than a select group.

Often these goals are more easily written of than acheived but what I am sure of is that any blog of mine will not be limited to one, or even a handful of subjects.  All my life if something has been on my mind it has likely manifested itself as the written word eventually, and my promise to anyone choosing to read here is that you never know what you will find.  Visit when you feel like it, read what you choose, and comment if compelled.  I love the power of the written word and the writing process and I promise, no “what I did today” entries.

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