A person is a fool to become a writer.  His only compensation is absolute freedom.  He has no master except his own soul and that, I am sure, is why he does it

                                                         ~Roald Dahl

Photo by: Clarke Miller

Born and raised in central California, Anne has spent over thirty years in and around the horse industry.  After studying Animal Science at UC Davis yet never straying far from the pull of a good writing class, she bred Thoroughbred horses for the show ring.  However, most of those years were spent traveling to hunter/jumper shows in California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado as part of the show staff.  No matter where life took her she never made the trip without a notebook or journal to feed her fire to write.

Now that her life is no longer lived on the road, she counts publishing her first novel, Ladies and Gentlemen, as a dream come true.

Anne lives in rural central California with her husband, a rescued black Lab and a tough-as-nails cat.  She is thankful for a family who continually supports and encourages her.  She has just released her fifth novel,  What Once Was Lost.